Victoria Resource Guide

This guide was created by mediator Amy Robertson and retired mediator Bobbi Poushinsky to help people navigate through one of the more complex and stressful times of their lives. We hope this guide makes it easier to locate the services or information you need as you work through your separation, divorce process or other transition. Please note that this guide is not intended as an endorsement of any particular service.

This guide lists resources with consideration to your legal, financial and emotional needs during a separation and divorce.


Children and Divorce
This in depth article provides information on how to tell your child(ren) you are separating and how to help them cope with the changes. (PDF)

COVID 19 Guidelines for Divorced Parents
This handout has seven guidelines for parents who are divorced or separated during the COVID 19 pandemic. The intention of these guidelines are to help support both parents manage their parenting arrangements and co-parenting relationship during this uncertain time. (PDF)

Responding to Hostile Mail
Has communication broken down or escalated to the point of causing great stress? When both people follow the guidelines in this handout communication will stop being a trigger and start helping people share the information they need to in order to run their household or office. (PDF)

Divorce Rules
A checklist of dos and don’ts for parents who have divorced written from the perspective of children. (PDF)

Ten Tips for Success in Resolving Parenting Disputes
A great article written by Judge Harvey Brownstone! If you have kids please read this article. (PDF)

Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Kids from the Fallout of
a High Conflict Break-up

This article touches on how to talk to your kids about your separation, as well as how parents should conduct themselves going forward. (PDF)

Ten Steps on the Path to Stepfamily Happiness 
Blending families is hard work and this article is well worth a read before you start packing boxes and moving family members. (PDF)

Top 10 ways to help your child through divorce
There is an overwhelming number of tasks to complete when you have separated but checking in with your children needs to be at the top. This one page article has some easy to implement suggestions. (PDF)

Ten Tips for the Holidays
The holidays can be stressful for most adults. If you have separated there are some good guidelines to follow in this one page article. (PDF)

Making a Proposal
The method outlined in this handout is a great way to make decisions when you are not getting along with the person you need to reach an agreement with. This works well for families and in the workplace. (PDF)

Parenting After Separation Handbook
This is an extremely comprehensive document with some valuable information. If you are feeling overwhelmed just read a few pages at a time or leave it for another time.

Tips to make co-parenting work
Both parents should read this article. A lot of parents end up in my office because their co-parenting relationship has broken down. (PDF)