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for families.

Family Mediation (also referred to as Divorce Mediation or Family Law Mediation) can help you and your former spouse navigate the process of separation and all of the decisions that you will need to agree on for your children and your finances. This is a project and I am here to help.

who do I work with
Who do I typically work with?

Parents that want a child focused mediation process, as well as help with all the tasks that are associated with becoming financially separate. These families typically plan on remaining separated and getting a divorce if they were married.

I help parents that may have separated or divorced years ago with their parenting arrangements when there has been a breakdown in their co-parenting relationship.

I also help spouses without children make decisions on how to share family assets and debt and determine spousal support when appropriate.

how long does mediation take
How long will it take?

This will be determined based on your circumstance, the number of issues and their level of complexity and the desired timeline for both parties. 

Some parties prefer to get it all done in one day and other parties prefer several half day sessions each a few weeks apart so that they are not overwhelmed with homework and big decisions on their own. These parties want to get advice from their financial advisor, tax accountant, lawyer or their children before making final decisions. When this is the case we build this into the process as mediation is certainly not a one size fits all and must be tailored to the unique circumstance of the families involved.

how can I help
How Can I help?

Most families need help deciding where their children will live or how parents will share parenting time and how decisions will be made for their children. Then parents need to know which parent will be paying child support and what special and extraordinary expenses are. 

It is also important to look at what you own as a couple and what you owe together and how this could be shared. Finally, if both parties agree that spousal support is an issue then what amount of spousal support will be paid and for how long. Part of my role is to help you and your former spouse come to an agreement on all of these decisions.

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