Don’t worry,
we can figure it out.


Don’t worry, we can figure it out

I’m here to help…

I work with families in transition often during a Separation or Divorce, as well as with conflict at the workplace.

I provide a child-focused mediation process and have significant experience helping families with their property and debt division. This often translates into considerably reduced legal bills for my clients.  

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why choose mediation

Why choose mediation?

Mediation has a positive impact on people in conflict or a dispute. The use of mediation is increasing as people become aware of how it can help settle disputes quickly, inexpensively and creatively.

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how does mediation work

How does mediation work?

Mediators help people in conflict or uncertainty by acting as a neutral third party who assists the parties in reaching an agreement that they must both agree on. There are several reasons to choose mediation to settle your dispute or get support in making decisions.

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Why work with Amy?

Mediation is what I do! I tailor my process to your unique circumstance. My goal is for people to have an enduring agreement when they walk away from my table within a timeframe that will work for everyone involved.  I also have had the benefit of working with people from many different cultures and diverse backgrounds.

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Amy Robertson

BCom, Cert. FamMed., FMC Cert. CFM

I believe that most people make better choices or decisions when they are supported.
I provide mediations that are solution focused with a goal of developing enduring agreements.

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